Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Updates (20th February 2013)

Spero: The Forest Dwellers - Miyu

Miyu is finally done! And the new textbox which you can see is now a transparent dark green in contrast to the rather bright blue in the original version ^_^; The textbox will go back to blue in Ocean Divers though (Dark blue).

One more thing to note is her new sword! Took me a while to design it (it's not my strong point). The white decor on the top is actually a feather like material, the entire sword has changed (including the blade) but you'll have to wait till the game is remade to see it ;) I never mentioned the details but it's actually a one-handed weapon; Miyu uses it with both her hands though since she's still rather young and inexperienced.

Not much other progress to note at this point. For any of you who have yet to play Spero: The Forest Dwellers I'd recommend waiting for the remake as it's essentially the same game. Next character to be redesigned is Heidi!

Quick answers to some questions I've had over the weeks:
Q: Is there a release date yet for 'Spero: The Forest Dwellers' remake and 'Spero: The Ocean Divers'?
A: No, most likely this year though. I'm hoping April (again) for The Forest Dwellers but no promises. As for Ocean Divers... probably late Autumn this year

Q: Is there a release date for your manga: 'A Noble Curse'?
A: Nope. It's still in storyboard stages since I've increased the number of chapters from 9 to 15. I don't want to release it until it's completely finished... otherwise you'll end up reading 5 chapters and then waiting maybe two months for another!!

Q: I've seen visual novels available for my Android and i-Phone. Any plans?
A: There was yes, for Android. However I'd need more time to read up on that. No plans for iOS, I was surprised I could make Spero available for Mac users in the first place!

Q: I use Linux but Spero isn't available for it...
A: I can make a Linux version. It's untested though and I didn't want the users to face any risk. If you have a Linux and would be happy to test it then by all means let me know! Note that I won't be seeking a tester until the new games though.

Q: Will 'Spero: The Forest Dwellers' be any different to its current version?
A: Yes and no. The game will play out virtually the same but I've added some hidden plot devices that I had (for some reason) forgot to originally. It'll be worth playing again, and if you have played it then you'll already know it's a fairly short game.

That's all for today! Thanks as always!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Updates (5th February 2013)

Spero: The Ocean Divers - Miles
Final art for Miles done! Yes Spero: The Ocean Divers is back on artistic progress. The game WILL be 1024x768 in terms of dimensions. I don't know how well that will translate on smaller screens (such as netbooks)  but I will test it out. Most likely it'll have to run full screen for those devices.

You can see the art style since my first game has changed a fair bit. The remake of Spero: The Forest Dwellers will be more like this.

A Noble Curse is making steady progress in terms of storyboards.

Hopefully some of you have seen the updated website! I'll try to get the Ocean Divers section made soon (probably end of this month).

Thanks for reading!