Monday, 6 February 2012

New logo

If you've been following my Twitter account (@AzureTales) you'll know that the website has a new logo on the banner! (And I opened a youtube account but there's nothing there yet)
The original logo didn't look much like a logo, so I changed it up a bit. Though to be honest I'm not too happy with the text, so there's yet another change I might make :P

As for this 'Big update' I keep talking about... I'm making the project page basically XD Something to look forward to~ oh and updating the About page too

There's possibly another project on it's way. I'm not too sure yet since I need to ask a lot of people if they're free to help. I know a lot of people really want to play Spero but my studies are my priority, so I ask again that you be patient for another few months T_T

On the bright side, I get about 3 months of free time this summer! So I should make more progress then~ (Don't worry I'm still trying to get a Spring release for Spero. It's just going to be Spring/Summer depending on how fast this work goes)

Sprites are all done! Backgrounds are pretty close to finish too.

I leave you with this preview of the main character (now fully coloured! She's in the textbox of the game, hence the circle thing.)

Image will change in the final version by the way. She's missing her sword!!!