Sunday, 20 January 2013

Updates (20th January 2013)

??? - A Noble Curse
First off a Happy New Year! I know it's 20 days late but I didn't get a chance to make a blogpost on the 5th January.

More work on A Noble Curse over the past few weeks and a few changes to the website (Not uploaded yet though). Above is a mystery man; why a mystery you ask? Because I haven't made a name for him yet! I can tell you, however, his official description is along the lines:

"The youngest hero of Crylite, his magic is powerful enough to engulf a village in flames. Many dark rumours seem to surround this young man and his cold personality doesn't add to his popularity."

Better wording when I've given him a name but that should do for now. He's also still with the Royal Guards but doesn't care much for his position, in fact he's pretty eager to leave for some reason. Will he be a friend or foe?

Now for some other news which may or may not affect Azure Tales. As you know I'm currently a student and I now have the chance to search for a Year in Industry/Year placement. There are 2 possibilities:
A) I find a local placement, in which case Azure Tales will not be affected
B) I find a placement which requires me to relocate. This will affect Azure Tales projects

If the placement is local, I'll be able to work on Azure Tales projects as normal and if not even more than I am now. The most probable situation sadly is B, and this would mean leaving my equipment and software behind. I can still do some basic things but I won't be able to work on any final art/sound development.

B Doesn't mean I'd stop development entirely. There's planning, art concepts and even coding that I can still do; you just wouldn't see a final product until late 2014 at earliest. Thinking about it now that's no different how my pace is currently, but just as an early warning: progress will become incredibly slow over this year and the next.

Thanks for reading as always!