Sunday, 8 January 2012

Project 1 - Spero

I'm finally happy to post about our first project! It will be called Spero: The Forest Dwellers. Below is a sketch of the main character in the game =)

As I mentioned in the first post, the project is going to be a visual novel. The game simply requires you to enjoy the story and make choices. Depending on those choices you may achieve one of many endings.

So far progress is as follows:
Character Sprites: The majority are done and will be done by next week
Backgrounds: the first few are done (There's not many ^^'')
Script: Planned but not fully developed

Doesn't seem like much but it is a fair bit! The game is going to be FREE and I'm still working out how to distribute it (the chances are... it will be in a Zip folder). The game is ONLY going to work on Windows (I'm not sure if it will the others but chances are no).

It's a short game but I hope people will enjoy it nonetheless. That's all for now and expect more updates and even screenshots in the coming weeks.