Thursday, 20 December 2012

Updates (20th December 2012)

A Noble Curse - Roland Stark

Ooh a new character introduction from A Noble Curse! This here is Roland Stark, the head officer of the royal guards and one of the five heroes of Crylite. Our lively trio will encounter him a lot in the manga (though he's not the first of the heroes they meet).

I've been working on A Noble Curse for the past few days. Probably because I bought some manga myself which inspires me again to draw.

Some changes: Our heroes are now called Albert Solaris and Gilbert Solaris (instead of Knight as their surname). Notably my friend pointed out that Gilberts design strongly resembles that of Apollo from Spero: The Forest Dwellers. Not to mention the colour scheme is also red and their hair colour is similar. One will change though XD

This is the last post for the year! From myself here at Azure Tales: I wish you a happy new year and will post up in January!


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Updates (6th December 2012)

Miyu - Redesign
This blogpost was meant to be yesterday but I had an exam today so I held it off! Sorry about that, but we're finally back on progress! University has pretty much ended for the semester so that gives me some free time (Not a lot sadly since I still have work to do over the break)

Above is Miyu's redesign. She now has a ponytail in her hair rather than loose; it suits her better in my opinion since when she goes hunting her hair would get in the way flying around. I've also added a new pattern on her shirt (it's just sewn on) and there's more I want to add but you'll have to wait! Her face is a lot more mature than I intended though, so I'm still working on this which you can tell by the mistake of the waistcoat length ^_^;

I may redesign the signature sword as well at some point but for now this little teaser will have to do! More pictures coming up as the weeks go by, check out our twitter account! I might post some pictures there.

The script and general code for Spero: The Ocean Divers is done (so it's a visual novel... without the visuals). Hopefully a screenshot of the game in progress next January.

I cannot thank you enough for your patience!