Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Updates (20th May 2013)

Edit: I had this blogpost written early... then forgot to upload it :')

Hey all! It's time for Heidi's new look! Again I've posted the original for comparison :3

Spero: Original Heidi > New Heidi
Not much to say, been rather busy with requests. Some bad news: Again, Spero will have NO MUSIC or SOUND. It's going to be silent again because the people that have offered unfortunately have personal circumstances resulting in being unable to spare time to compose something. Sorry! Also I've tried the voice acting option again but I don't have the software or hardware to record properly T_T

I hope this doesn't put people off too much! On the bright side: I plan to release Spero: The Ocean Divers one week after Spero: The Forest Dwellers re-release.

Thank you all for your patience. It's taking me a while to get everything done but I will eventually get there!


1 comment:

  1. New Heidi looks a lot better than the original.

    Looks good. Looking forward to it! :)