Monday, 5 August 2013

Updates (5th August 2013)

Hey everyone! I'm just going to announce that Azure Tales will be taking a temporary hiatus due to personal reasons.

The reasons themselves aren't major so don't worry. In short: my room walls and ceiling had reached a state which couldn't be ignored anymore so I'll have to repair and redecorate it entirely. I'm also using the opportunity to sort through the contents of my room (If you imagine many stacks of paper, that's basically what I have to sort through :') )

I'll still be working when I find the time, but there won't be a blogpost for a while. (Save for one more this month in 1 week)

I still intend to release Spero: The Forest Dwellers and Spero: The Ocean Divers before the end of the year. The manga (A Noble Curse) I'm not sure about yet.

Thank you all for your understanding. I'll blog again when Spero is near release, the Twitter account will still be updating when I get the time so keep an eye out!


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